Faith Lynn

This site is dedicated to my daughter, Faith Lynn, who was born on 8-21-02 and died from complications due to anencephaly.

              Creating memories for a lifetime

                 Things to do before the birth

  • Make a blanket to use for your baby at the hospital or to bury your baby with.
  • Start a scrap book for your baby.  You can begin doing pregnancy pages for your baby and do the others after birth.
  • You yourself or someone else knit or crochet a cap and sweater set.
  • If your family has an heirloom baptism gown, make plans for it to be at the hospital or get it early and pack it in your bag for the hospital
  • If money is a tight spot for you, start a memorial for the baby account for people to donate to.  Family and friends will want to do something for you.  We did this and had no out of pocket expenses for the delivery or funeral.
  • Buy (or make) a few special outfits for the hospital and funeral.
  • Record your baby's heartbeat at the doctors office.  We have the first and last times we heard Faith's heartbeat recorded.  They are some of my most treasured things we did.
  • Have a special toy or stuffed animal to have with your baby.
  • Have maternity photos taken.  They can be so beautiful!

                         Time with your baby

  • PICTURES, PICTURES, AND MORE PICTURES!!!  You can never have enough.  When you feel like you have enough pictures, take 100 more.  Be sure that there will be several people with cameras at the hospital. 
  • If you are using a digital camera, take the majority of your pictures in color and later edit the ones you would like into black and white.  If you are using a 35mm, take pictures with color film.  You can get your colored film developed in black & whites for a small fee at most film developing centers.  Newborns tend to have a weird color in their skin, anencephalic babies tend to have worse color due to the lack of oxygen, and the black and white photos make the pictures softer and more presentable.
  • Be sure and take a small baggy to the hospital for clippings of hair.  Some funeral homes will do this for you too.
  • Take molds of your baby's hands and feet.  If ordering online, be sure and do it in time for your baby's delivery.  CAUTION - be sure and read the directions, if molds are not done properly, they will crack.  There are a few nice kits at this site:  You can also find the same kits from the website at BabiesRUs

                After your time with your baby

  • Make or buy jewelry with your baby's name on it.
  • After the birth, buy a special ring or pendent in memory of your baby.  My mother-in-law gave me and my husband both the "Footprints Ring" at this site:
  • Send birth announcements for your baby's birth.  An online store that a friend of mine recommends is at