Faith Lynn

This site is dedicated to my daughter, Faith Lynn, who was born on 8-21-02 and died from complications due to anencephaly.

This poem was written by my sister, Lindy, who at the time was 16 and had to write a poem after looking at a photo for school.  She chose the photo below and wrote a beautiful poem.  Thank you so much Lindy!

"Little girl safe in her daddy's arms,
not knowing what an impact she is.
Loving eyes looking from above,
Angels knocking at the door,
Familie's hearts crying.
Heavenly Father, why must she go?
Why our baby Faith?
Unanswered questions, lingering in our minds.
PLEASE!  Just a few more moments!
...Sending sweet angel kisses from above..."

Lindy Lawson, 2003

This poem was written by a dear friend of mine who also lost a daughter to anencephaly just 3 days after Faith was born.  Melly wrote this poem for me and sent it to me on Mother's Day.  What a special surprise that was.  Thank you so much Melly!

If I had the words to say.....
By Melly Tyson, 2003


If I had the words to say
I would say them all to you
If it would take away your pain
and keep you from feeling blue

If I had the words to say
I'd write them on a cloud,
sprinkle it with angel dust
and send it on down

If I had the words to say
I'd speak them in the breeze
You'd hear them whisper softly
In the swaying of the trees

If I had the words to say
I'd send them in a rainbow
For today and everyday
and those times you're feeling low

If I had the words to say
I'd align them with the stars
No planet could compete with them,
Not Saturn, Jupiter or Mars

If I had the words to say
and I had a dream come true
I'd be there, in your arms,
and say them all to you.

but I know no words can mend
the hurt that you feel
your heart as it cries,
so broken and so real

No words that I could say
would take away your pain
would keep your eyes from welling
when mentioning my name

No, no words would help
but be that as it may
I still wish that I had them-
the perfect words to say

So what I'll say is this
and hope it helps you see
how very much your love
and devotion mean to me

Your sacrifice went beyond
what most Mommies must give
instead of giving up on me
you gave me the right to live

God knew he was right
when He chose you for the part
He sent me to dwell in you
and wrote my name upon your heart

Even then He knew
what only you would later
but He still never hesitated
cause He's the great Creator

In you, He created me
and let me stay for a time
and took me back to be with Him
when He knew you would be fine

I know it was hard to do
and you had to question why
but think of how you helped me live-
not why I had to die

And as hard as it was,
for what you gave to me-
will far surpass earthly bounds
and reach into eternity.

Thank you, Mommy...Happy Mother's Day!

Faith Lynn


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